University Alliance: Higher education and research priorities for the 2017 General Election

April 27, 2017

Ahead of the General Election on 8 June, University Alliance sets out higher education and research priorities for the next government. Support excellent technical and professional education at all...

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Lifelong Learning: Ladder and Lifeline

February 22, 2017

University Alliance’s latest Spotlight Report sets out recommendations for government to enable lifelong learning. Ambitious new policies and approaches are needed so that people can benefit ...

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UK research and innovation overseas: A snapshot of University Alliance activity in developing countries

February 6, 2017

The use of academic research to tackle problems in developing countries is an important aspect of international development. It informs policy and practice overseas and directly assists people in e...

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Research with impact

Universities: delivery partners for industrial strategy

November 23, 2016

University Alliance has published a paper setting out how Alliance universities can help government deliver its ambitions for growth. The document, Universities: delivery partners for industrial st...

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Lifelong learning manifesto

November 21, 2016

Ahead of the Autumn Statement 2016, University Alliance has published a lifelong learning manifesto setting out proposals to help learners access higher education throughout their lives. Click on t...

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A clearer picture: A guide for arts and cultural organisations engaging with universities

October 27, 2016

University Alliance has jointly published a guide with Arts Council England to encourage greater collaboration between cultural organisations and universities. The publication supports small and me...

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Making places: Universities, the arts & creative industries

October 27, 2016

University Alliance is shining a spotlight on universities’ role in cultural leadership, supporting the arts and driving forward the creative economy in their cities and regions. We have published ...

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Research-informed teaching case studies booklet

September 20, 2016

University Alliance and the Higher Education Academy have published a collection of case studies highlighting examples of research-informed teaching from across Alliance universities, covering a br...

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Developing productive places: The role of universities in skills ecosystems

August 16, 2016

Skills development has many functions – economic, social and cultural. Skills are central to success in the complex, rapidly changing economy of the 21st Century, and they are also an […]

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Creating innovative regions: The role of universities in local growth and productivity

June 2, 2016

Follow this link for case studies from Alliance institutions Our latest report aims to bust a myth – that the main contribution of universities to innovation is through the commercialisation ...

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