Empowering Students

A broad and deep learning experience

We are committed to demonstrating the value and importance of going to university. In particular, we believe an experience that offers breadth and depth to students, will better equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in the world of work.

Alliance universities do not take the increased investment graduates will be making in the future lightly. They are clear that their job is to re-invest in their students, to create an environment that is filled with opportunities, rich and diverse, so that students can continue to benefit from a unique set of experiences, whichever path they choose.

The changing economy places more pressure on graduates than ever before. Universities must respond and continue to develop their provision. Alliance universities are committed to doing this and to ensuring that students gain more and more from the whole university experience.

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Blog: A Student Placement

April 9, 2014

Design event

Without my placement year I would not have experienced the opportunities I have had and I certainly wouldn’t be half as confident as I am in my skill set and future aspirations. For the last nine months I have been … Continue reading

Blog: Let’s give the creative industries the respect they deserve

January 28, 2014

Smart Cookie Design example

The Government recently published a review of the creative industries’ economic contribution to the wider UK economy. The report revealed that the creative industries have been hugely outperforming other parts of the economy. This often overlooked part of our economy … Continue reading

Events: Living and learning in 2034

January 13, 2014

Unite promo

  Living and Learning in 2034 looks at how the student experience might change over the next 20 years. Futures work and scenario analysis is not unusual in the higher education sector, but we were not aware of any other study … Continue reading

Blog: Let’s talk about social mobility for the many

October 24, 2013

Courtesy of Glenn Simmons

The State of the Nation, the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission’s recent report, makes some ambitious recommendations about how to promote social mobility in the UK, which should be welcomed. It highlights how education, including higher education, has the … Continue reading

Events: Make Your Future Happen

October 10, 2013


University Alliance is pleased to support Make Your Future Happen: Discover Higher Education, a national week-long campaign – running 12 – 18 October – to promote the benefits of higher education and encourage people of all ages to consider applying … Continue reading

Blog: Start-up: Guy’s story 6 months on

October 3, 2013

Streetscape Team

Guy has been keeping busy since the launch of Start-up: a story in April. He co-founded Streetscape after graduating from Accounting and Finance at Bournemouth University. He had no intention of becoming an accountant but had always wanted to start … Continue reading

Blog: Start-up: Lizze’s story 6 months on

September 26, 2013

Lizze Leary

Lizze embarked on DMU’s Fashion Buying course not knowing where it would lead. It didn’t take long to develop the idea for Kindred Sole and she has not looked back since. Read the beginning of her story here. We caught up with Lizze, … Continue reading

Blog: Start-up: Bill’s story 6 months on

September 20, 2013

Bill Beaumont

Bill’s life changed forever after he returned to university to enrol in a Masters in Computer Animation at the University of Bradford. He built Distant Future Animation Studio from scratch and is aiming to establish them as one of the … Continue reading

Blog: Institution vs course, are we selling students short?

February 27, 2013


It has been reported that a former senior government advisor has criticised the decision to publish the number of pupils from individual schools that go on to study at Russell Group universities. Sir David Bell, Vice Chancellor of Reading University … Continue reading

Featured: Guardian: Should students be encouraged to set their sights on Russell Group universities?

February 19, 2013


A fierce row has broken out over new pressure on schools to focus on getting students into ‘big brand’ universities, writes Anna Fazackerley in today’s Guardian. Libby Hackett, director of the University Alliance, a group of business-focused universities that includes Plymouth … Continue reading