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Start-up: Neomi’s story 6 months on

Published on September 10, 2013

In the next few weeks, up and down the country there are students returning to their studies after the summer break. There is also a brand new cohort of students taking their first lecture, writing their first ‘uni’ essay, breaking their first piece of lab equipment, exploring freshers fairs to discover sports and societies they never knew existed, getting a new part time job and making new friends. None of them knowing quite what the future will hold. Well here are some stories for them.

Neomi set out on a life changing adventure when she decided to start from scratch, go to college and then study nursing at Kingston University. In her words, she got a lot more that she’d bargained for! Read the beginning of her story here.

And beyond happily ever after? Here is Neomi’s story 6 months on…

Neomi BennettWow, what can I say? The last six months have been very exciting and Neo-slip has gone from strength to strength. Here are just some of the highlights.

I now have my very own office, courtesy of Kingston University, which is extremely useful and helpful.

We are currently working alongside the NHS to develop new packaging and I’m preparing to bid on tender documents and expand to nursing homes.

My customers are asking for a training package to highlight when patients need to wear anti embolism stockings and to help them recognise the signs of DVT. So I am listening to them and this is in the pipeline and should be ready in the next few months.

I reached the finals in the National Patient Safety awards and also we were highly commended in the Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards. This was fantastic and has opened more doors which have led to an increase in sales.

Not long after the last instalment of the Neo-slip story, I met with UKTI. Now, not only is my product sold internationally but Neo-slip will be in Taiwan in September attending our first ever international trade show. This has been organised by Mark Sheahan the Resident inventor at the British Library and part of the trip has been funded by UKTI.

The life changing experience continues!


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