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Building Sustainability


Alliance research is helping us to find innovative solutions for a more sustainable way of living. Climate change is a global challenge that requires us to act now to mitigate and adapt to environmental change, rising levels of greenhouse gases, declining biodiversity, decreasing food security and global poverty.

Just as the adverse impacts of climate change cross international borders, no single nation can meet this challenge alone. Alliance universities are working with a wide variety of global partners to create sustainable ways of living.

Alliance research is driving sustainability solutions which include creating the next generation of intelligent energy monitoring products that help us cut our carbon footprint and heat our homes, and innovative construction methods and technologies that reduce the massive environmental impact of building new homes and offices. They are also establishing the world’s largest marine reserve that will help strike a balance between fishing and conservation, and promoting biodiversity through preventing the spread of invasive species that cause ecological and economic damage.

Alliance universities are helping us meet the needs of the future in a more sustainable way, and making sustainable living a reality of our daily lives.