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Peppered Moths illuminate the story of Manchester

peppered-moth-3Manchester School of Art’s Outreach Team brought explorations of how pollution can affect wildlife populations to life for young people from across the city.

The Peppered Moth is a good example of how insects adapt to the changing city environment.  During the industrial revolution, the white-winged Peppered Moth became less common that the black-winged variety, due to the vast quantities of soot in the air.  In the 20th century, the white-winged population has recovered as pollution has reduced.

Manchester School of Art used this interesting fact in a series of interactive and creative workshops with children from a range of backgrounds.  They created video installations and constructed giant insect sculptures which were later displayed in an exhibition alongside activities to encourage engagement from visitors of all ages.

peppered-moth-1For example, visitors made rosettes which they then awarded to the best examples in a “moth parade” of giant moth sculptures.

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