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Research Fortnight: In the Brexit waiting room

University Alliance Chair Professor John Latham recently talked to Research Professional for their article on how universities are approaching the Brexit process.

John Latham, vice-chancellor of Coventry University, says his institution already has two senior staff focused on government policy, who will also take on the Brexit brief as part of those roles. While there are expansion plans for the team, these are more in response to a need for universities to increasingly engage in policy work, which not only spans Brexit but also includes related issues such as international student recruitment. “It’s becoming a complex picture of what the world looks like for universities,” he says. “I think people are putting more policy support in place, it’s becoming much more common as a general trend because universities are now having to interact with more government agencies, in more markets and generally are becoming more complex in what they do.”

Coventry already has an office in Brussels with four team members and Latham says he plans to increase that presence. “We will need closer interactions in Brussels,” he says. “We are very integrated into Europe as an institution.” Indeed, although not prompted solely by Brexit, Latham says Coventry has been steadily strengthening its links across Europe for some time through transnational education partnerships, with some 100 students across Europe undertaking its degrees. “Brexit could mean we do more of that,” he says, adding that the university has no plans to open a campus outside the UK.

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