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Energy case study: Joshua Eardley

Joshua Eardley is in the first year of his PhD at the University of Brighton 

Major challenges facing society today include anthropogenic climate change, natural resource depletion and energy security. Inspired by these challenges, Joshua has directed his research efforts towards the development of a more sustainable society. 

His research takes an innovative approach to maximising the efficiency of biofuel production. He is exploring whether ethanol yields can be increased by adding compatible solutes to alcoholic fermentations. The impact of this could be huge by making ethanol production more economically attractive. It would also encourage further research, especially to enhance our understanding of ethanol tolerance and to produce modified yeast species that are of interest to industry. 

As well as developing through his personal research project, being part of DTA Energy has allowed Josh to expand his knowledge of other energy-related sectors and issues by attending the programme’s electives and by putting him in contact with like-minded researchers. 

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