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A message from CBI

John Cridland, CBI Director-General

The UK’s universities are amongst the best in the world, producing graduate and post-graduate students with world-class subject knowledge. Whilst we rightly celebrate academic excellence, however, we must also ensure that those young people leaving university are work ready.

As the head of the UK’s leading business organisation, I hear regularly from employers who struggle to find young men and women with the right mix of skills, knowledge, attitude and attributes. This despite the fact that more people now study at university than ever before. As the economy rebalances around high value, high skilled activities, this problem will become more acute, unless all of us – government, business, universities and other skills providers – work together to ensure that our young people are better informed and better prepared for the world of work.

As the case studies in this publication ably demonstrate, great things are already happening across the UK as universities and businesses work together to give young people a better understanding of the workplace through quality work experience, careers advice and access to “real life” work-based projects and resources. But we need more – and I hope that the broad range of university-business collaborations contained in Job Ready will encourage and inspire others to step up to the challenge.