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In-course opportunities

UK universities growing global graduates

The complexity of employability and the variety in higher education courses mean that there is no single, prescriptive way of embedding employability. The examples in this section show why 81% of Alliance international students were highly satisfied that their learning and academic experience would help them to get a good job, compared with 76% of students globally.
Embedding employability is not at the expense of good, subject-specific learning. The most effective approaches develop graduate attributes in tandem with discipline-specific knowledge and skills throughout the course rather than relying on a standalone ‘employability module’. This is potentially more natural within professionally-facing courses, however, with creative course design it can also be achieved in courses without a specifically vocational focus.

95% of Alliance History and Philosophy students were satisfied that their learning would help them get a good job, compared with 75% of equivalent UK students. In-course opportunities can ensure that every student, not only proactive students, can begin developing graduate attributes, skills and attitudes from the beginning of their time at university. Making the connections between study and work explicit can help students form a clearer idea of future career possibilities and to better articulate their knowledge, experience and attributes – of particular value in job applications and interviews. This section gives examples of some of the creative in-course opportunities developed at Alliance universities.

Northumbria University
A new way of doing business

Nottingham Trent University
‘Live’ projects with employers

University of Huddersfield
Blurring the lines between industry and university

University of Salford

logo-lincolnUniversity of Lincoln
‘Industry ready’ through partnership

Oxford Brookes University
Developing long term careers through mentoring

University of Glamorgan
British Airways partnership