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University of Bradford

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Professional experience and accreditation

All students at the University of Bradford have exposure to the world of work as part of their course. Students benefit directly from their own experiences and indirectly as the University uses the advice and input offered by employers to design their courses.

A focus on experience of the world of work alongside their course ensures all students graduate with the practical tools and real-world experience to match the very latest industry developments. This approach gives them an edge in a competitive graduate job market.

“I was given projects with real timeframes and expected to deliver the same level of results as everyone else. I learnt a lot about communication in a global environment and it gave me an insight into how engineering works in industry.”

Sarah-Jane Tonks, Mechanical Engineering student, industrial placement with Nissan Qashqai

Professional bodies accredit 70% of Bradford’s professional courses giving graduates a mark of quality that employers understand and value. Many employers are also looking for global graduates who can work anywhere in the world, aware of their social and civic responsibilities and who are culturally aware. Alongside accreditation, the University collaborates with local, regional, national and multinational businesses.

The University is increasingly encouraging students to take up international placement opportunities or to study internationally at a partner institution – with current partners based in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

Students have a range of in-work opportunities including flexible placements (four to 12 weeks, six months or 12 months), internships, work-based learning projects, business improvement projects and summer placements. Businesses benefit from having the students working with them, while students gain invaluable experience working for firms such as Microsoft, Nissan, the NHS, Game Republic, Jaguar Land Rover and Johnson & Johnson. This combination of professional accreditation, an international experience and exposure to the world of work contributes to the great success the University has in seeing its graduates go on to employment in their chosen professions.

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