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Internships Scheme

“The internships have been of great benefit to our company, which is still in its early days. Both interns were a perfect fit for the company and we’ve been so impressed that they have both been offered (and accepted) part-time positions going forwards.”

Rob Colbourn, Consult Believe

Universities are in a unique position to facilitate relationships between employers and students. As such, the University of the West of England (UWE) is home to one of the largest undergraduate internship schemes in the UK, funding and supporting over 120 students in 2012.

UWE internships improve graduate employment prospects through the development of relevant knowledge, experience and contacts. Internships enable businesses to develop relationships with future graduate talent and increase the capacity of local businesses which in turn benefits future graduates and the wider economy.

The university sources businesses to take part in the scheme and advertises internship vacancies to students. The internships run for a minimum of eight weeks and UWE subsidise the cost of each intern, with employers matching the funding. This has two main benefits; all students can afford to participate in the placement scheme and it enables small employers to participate who wouldn’t otherwise have the capacity to take on an intern. These internships are a cost-effective way for businesses to benefit from an excellent skills resource and for students to gain employment in a role linked to key graduate professions.

Internships can be the first interaction a business has with the university and with students or recent graduates. UWE provides support and advice for employers to structure each internship so that it is either project based or adds value to the intern’s CV and incorporates training and mentoring. Internships can lead to part time employment for the student while they finish their studies and a job once they graduate.

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