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Turn Your Idea Into Reality

Turn Your Idea Into Reality

To get off to a good start, do your research and stay one step ahead of where you think you need to be. You may find you don’t have all the expertise you need, the key is to find people who can help. That might mean finding a business partner with complementary skills, developing your own knowledge and skills, speaking to industry experts or linking up with organisations equipped to support those starting-up.

Useful Links

“Speak to as many people as you can and listen to feedback. But be careful who you share your ideas with so as not to lose your intellectual property rights.”
Oliver Blanchard, Oliver Blanchard Design

Shell Livewire offer free business advice, awards funding, networking and PR for young entrepreneurs aged 16 – 30. is the Government’s online guide for businesses.

Visit Great Business for inspiration, advice and finance.

The Graduate Entrepreneurship Project brings together Universities in Yorkshire and the Humber to nudge and help students and graduates towards starting their own businesses. Their website is full of facts, advice and success stories.

Small offers a range of advice for start-up companies, covering finance, government grants, management and more.

StartUp Britain is a national campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

UnLtd offer a complete package of resources to individuals who have their ventures firmly rooted in delivering positive social change. There are 60,000 social enterprises in the UK employing 475,000 people (and 300,000 volunteers) and they make an £8.4 billion contribution to GDP. If you want to be part of it, explore UnLtd’s in depth guide to developing your social enterprise here.

Here are 5 Top tips from Peter Ptashko, Partnership and Support Manager for UnLtd

  1. Be Passionate – express your vision for your enterprise so that others will want to join you, follow you and fund you.
  2. Resilience is key – you will meet people who tell you “no, it can’t be done”. Listen to them respectfully, make sure you’ve done your research, and press on.
  3. Resourcefulness is everything – funding, intelligence and human capital are all important in your quest for a successful venture.
  4. Build the Team – bring in experience and skills that you yourself don’t have. Talent is important, but filling those all-important gaps is even more valuable.
  5. Be Open to Ideas – the social entrepreneurial journey is one of constant trial and error – you learn something new every day. So remaining open to, but not bound by, new ideas and perspectives is crucial to success.

StartUp Loans have been launched to provide you with the capital, contacts and confidence you need when starting and growing a business.

“Take the thing you feel most passionate about and turn that into a business as that way it will never really feel like work! Embrace social media and powerful platform sites to Go Global and get support along the way from mentors and experts. You’ll soon see that becoming your own boss is one of the best moves you can make.”
Emma Jones is Founder of Enterprise Nation and author of the StartUp Loan Kit.

Young Enterprise inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise – from primary school through to university.

Other top tips

“It is a lot of work so don’t take it lightly but keep in touch with your university as they’ll help you a lot!”
Hinesh Mistry, THAT Creative

“Finding the right people and building a good team is so important. Get the right people on the bus and then make sure you’re going in the right direction. Have good advisors around you.”
Guy Watts, Streetscape

“Don’t wait around. Get a product out there and get started.”
Rishi Chowdhury, Kingston Entrepreneurs Alumni, Founder of YourHiddenPotential

“Surround yourself with good people and make sure you have good advisors to call on.”
Andy Parker, Incredibli

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