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Our vision: more than just a degree

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Deciding to go to university is a major decision to invest in your own future – more so now than ever before. That is why we, as 23 universities from across the UK, are signing up to this vision. We want to be absolutely clear about our offer to you and show you this is an investment worth making.

Going to university is about so much more than a degree. It has the potential to be life changing. The vision is about placing you at the centre of your learning. Our job is to create an environment that is rich and diverse so that you can choose your own path.You will leave with a unique set of experiences enabling you to access the career you want. You are in the driving seat.

Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate, a full-time or part-time, a UK or international student this is about.

Empowered enterprising students…

…share and shape the experience that you and fellow students will have
…explore with academics who are at the forefront of new discovery
…access knowledge from cutting- edge research, business leaders and the professional community
…direct involvement with research-led innovation, delivering solutions for business, not-for-profits and the public sector

Universities without boundaries…

…beyond the classroom; a wider variety of learning experiences so that you leave with a unique set of skills and knowledge
…placements allowing you to test and develop the ideas you learn and explore at university
…confidence that you are part of a university that attracts active partnerships with national and multi-national employers
…a culture of social responsibility, where you can contribute to society at large and make a difference from day one

A global experience…

…academics with international recognition for their research tackling big global issues
…study material with international relevance and significance
…study alongside students and academics from all over the world
…international placements giving you experience to stand out from the crowd

All that you need to succeed after university…

…professional accreditation, enabling you to access the career you want
…learn what it takes to succeed after university with on the job learning and programmes based on advice from top employers
…employment support beyond university to get the help you need
…skills and support to start your own business

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