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The Guardian: Higher education quangos may face the axe – but which ones should go?

September 22, 2009

Universities are very fortunate to work with Hefce and the research councils. Given that the policy of both funding bodies is to be supportive of excellence and efficiency, but not […]

The Guardian: Newer universities in line to receive extra student places

July 29, 2009

Universities and colleges have until tomorrow to decide whether to accept the emergency extra student places they have been allocated. Earlier this month, the government announced 10,000 extra stud...

The Guardian: The excellence factor

July 7, 2009

The new secretary of state responsible for universities, Lord Mandelson, has his hands full with the cost of providing student support, the dearth of university places this summer, and planning for...

THE: Letter to the Editor, Win-win way to square the funding circle

July 2, 2009

This summer there will be an extra 40,000 unsuccessful university applicants than in 2008. This is because we have seen an 8 per cent hike in applications, but institutions won’t recruit more [&hel...

The Guardian: Anxious Wait – Rules for Allocating Research Funding

January 20, 2009

Tomorrow, the broad principles determining what funding universities receive next year will be set. The final allocations for university funding in 2009-10 are not due until 4 March, but vice-chanc...

THE: Embrace, don't shun, ethos of business

October 12, 2007

Tim Wilson, vice-chancellor of Hertfordshire, calls for the creation of a new generation of commerce-friendly universities. It has been heartening for academe to hear Government and Opposition ackn...

THE: Letter to the Editor – Language Alliance

March 16, 2007

Letters & Opinions, March 16, 2007 You report that Russell Group universities are increasingly becoming the major providers of single honours language programmes (“Study deserts blight UK”, Feb...