At University Alliance, just like our universities, our approach is about putting solutions, innovation and enterprise at the core of everything we do – for the wider public and economic benefit of the UK.

We conduct, promote and disseminate research and analysis into matters related to higher education, including higher education policy, to inform and improve public and political discourse about the value of universities and the public benefit they deliver.

We bring together thought-leaders and experts from across the sector as well as government, industry and other charities to identify solutions that will sustain a world-leading, enterprising and innovative higher education sector.

Supporting thriving communities: The role of universities in reducing inequality

May 24, 2016

Follow this link for case studies from Alliance institutions The government’s ambitions for higher education to improve life chances will only be met if university leaders make tackling inequality ...

Building healthy cities: the role of universities in the health ecosystem

February 25, 2016

Building healthy cities: The role of universities in the health ecosystem is the first study of its kind examining the ways in which universities as anchor institutions relate to regional health [&...

Mind the gap: Engaging employers to secure the future of STEM in higher education

October 9, 2015

University-business engagement comes in many forms. There are numerous policy reports that have looked at how universities can best support collaboration with business on applied research and knowl...

Evolve. Connect. Succeed. Funding a healthy research and innovation ecosystem

March 12, 2015

Collaboration and connectivity must be top priorities for universities and funders if the UK is to continue to lead the world in research and innovation. Britain’s research and innovation ecosystem...

Innovative students

University Alliance review into developing the best environment for research excellence

December 10, 2014

Update: we’ve extended the deadline for this review until Wednesday 21 January – we’d love to hear from you about your thoughts. University Alliance has convened a high-level roun...

The contribution of university research to economic growth

September 24, 2014

The UK’s rich and diverse ecosystem of world-leading research and innovation is a key driver of growth and productivity. At the heart of this, and underpinning the Industrial Strategy, sits [...

Job Ready: universities, employers and students creating success

July 8, 2014

Our latest report, Job Ready: Universities, employers and students creating success, is based on in-depth interviews with small and large employers, including British Airways, IBM, Marks and Spence...

HELP UK summary booklet

June 26, 2014

For a quick overview of HELP UK read our summary booklet

HELP UK: A new higher education loan programme: adding to the debate on funding

June 26, 2014

We need to underpin a higher education sector that can drive the UK’s competitiveness in a global knowledge economy and can anticipate a new labour market shaped by rapid changes […]

HELP UK: Background evidence report

June 26, 2014

The UK cannot predict or plan for the future with any certainty. However, we do know that much is changing in the world around us: how we work, create, share […]