At University Alliance, just like our universities, our approach is about putting solutions, innovation and enterprise at the core of everything we do – for the wider public and economic benefit of the UK.

We conduct, promote and disseminate research and analysis into matters related to higher education, including higher education policy, to inform and improve public and political discourse about the value of universities and the public benefit they deliver.

We bring together thought-leaders and experts from across the sector as well as government, industry and other charities to identify solutions that will sustain a world-leading, enterprising and innovative higher education sector.

The way we’ll work: labour market trends and preparing for the hourglass

March 27, 2012

Our new report, ‘The way we’ll work: labour market trends and preparing for the hourglass,’ which highlights that the shortage of graduates threatens the future growth of the UK economy. […]

Growing the Future: universities leading, changing and creating the regional economy

September 19, 2011

Our universities are providing more than just a degree; and that they are more than just part of the education system. Universities are critical to the future growth of our […]

Funding research excellence: research group size, critical mass & performance

July 12, 2011

University Alliance institutions are proud of the world-leading research that they undertake. They have proved their value through the RAE. The main findings of this research are compelling: that t...

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More than just a degree: stories of empowered students

May 12, 2011

We have news for you: universities have changed and so have the students who study there – and not in the way you might think. We refute notions of lazy […]

Keeping knowledge at the centre of growth

March 15, 2011

Universities are not just part of a growth strategy, they are central to it. Joining together our university research with business innovation is key to generating business growth and jobs, […]

Efficiency, leadership and partnership: an approach that delivers shared economic priorities

June 7, 2010

In the UK’s global, knowledge-based economy, where 80% of new jobs are in high-skill areas and new and growth industries take a high-tech, high-skill and innovative approach, universities are playi...

21st Century universities: engines of an innovation-driven economy

June 3, 2010

There is a question that is currently being asked across the UK as we face the biggest deficit since the end of World War II. The question was recently summed […]

The impact of fees: A review of the evidence

January 7, 2010

A strong case for both public and private investment in higher education Any discussion of funding and student finance should take place within a shared understanding of the nature of […]

Concentration and diversity: understanding the relationship between excellence, concentration and critical mass in UK research

December 7, 2009

Selectivity not concentration has driven excellence A policy of selectivity–funding research based on quality – has driven up the quality of UK research since the introduction of the RAE, not [&hel...