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Teaching Excellence Alliance

The Teaching Excellence Alliance is a new venture which brings together Alliance universities to promote excellent teaching and learning. Our case studies below show how our universities are doing this.

University Alliance’s Teaching Excellence Alliance (TEA) is a programme designed to:

  • Better understand and define – as well as champion and showcase – excellent teaching at Alliance institutions
  • Support development of this distinctive UA excellence in academic – employer engagement and student support

Our universities have been meeting the needs of employers and society for over a hundred years – the majority of our members trace their roots back to the industrial revolution and were founded to meet the need for advanced technical skills which it created. Together, through the TEA, we are revolutionising teaching and learning to ensure our students succeed in the 21st century. It will share our experiences, effort and ideas, and – in particular – drive our innovative, holistic approach to curriculum design, and industry-centric, pedagogical innovation to transform the life of every individual student.

The TEA builds on the excellence that already exists within our member universities. By working together, the programme aims to increase the pace of sharing the distinctive UA practices of excellence and to help us expand the frontiers of what excellence looks like.  The TEA will promote external recognition of University Alliance as the go-to mission group for innovation and excellence in impactful teaching which delivers benefit to our students and the economy. Dr Sam Grogan, Director of the Teaching Excellence Alliance, explains more about the initiative in this blog.

We want to share our growing knowledge on this important issue.  Examples of our members’ teaching excellence can be found below to inspire and inform the higher education sector and beyond. We are also working to engage employers and community groups in higher education and supporting students as they undertake their learning journey. For more information about the TEA, contact Elizabeth Parkin, Programmes Manager