How supermarkets can engage consumers to think more about household food waste

October 28, 2021 | by Dr. Cathrine Jansson-Boyd

First published in The Grocer New research shows how shoppers can be educated to think more about food and prevent waste, says Dr Cathrine Jansson-Boyd, associate professor in consumer psychology [...

Low carbon building at Oxford Brookes University

October 24, 2021

Oxford Brookes’ low carbon building research holds world-leading expertise in the field of carbon mapping, building performance evaluation, low-carbon retrofitting and climate change adaptati...

Understanding the taboos of eating insects

October 24, 2021

How do you convince someone to put a cricket in their mouth? It sounds like a strange research topic, but it’s a question that two Oxford Brookes University academics have […]

Using cloud-free surveillance technology to provide enhanced crop intelligence

October 24, 2021

The University of Hertfordshire’s Centre for Astrophysics Research was been awarded £200,000 in funding from the Science and Technology Facilities Council to develop and bring to market its ClearSk...

Harvesting sunshine from smart solar panels

October 24, 2021

Many communities in developing countries suffer from poor energy grid infrastructure, but technologies developed by the University of Hertfordshire are offering an affordable, locally-based solutio...

Ensuring the sustainability of coffee using history

October 24, 2021

Coffee is a global product that influences millions of lives. From crop to cup, its production faces challenges ranging from environmental conservation to economic equality. An expert on the global...

Developing low-cost air quality monitors for Heathrow Airport

October 24, 2021

Air pollution shortens the lives of some 40,000 people in the UK each year. Low-cost, highly accurate technology developed by the University’s researchers to monitor air quality at Heathrow Airport...

Portable water supplies at Leeds Beckett

October 24, 2021

Dr. Martin Pritchard at Leeds Beckett is a Reader in Civil Engineering in the School of the Built Environment & Engineering, and has been developing research on portable water supplies […]

Leeds Beckett’s DEEP retrofit research project

October 24, 2021

The Leeds Sustainability Institute (LSI) at the Leeds Beckett University (LBU) is leading a research project called the Demonstration of Energy Efficiency Potential (DEEP).  DEEP will investigate h...

New technologies address role of environmental pollution in decline of honeybees

October 24, 2021

A team of academics from Kingston University including Dr Rosa Busquets, Dr Olga Duran and Dr Gordon Hunter, are working with Mark Gale, of not-for-profit company BeesMax and Surrey Honey Farm, [&h...