DTA Energy

The DTA Energy programme focuses on producing doctoral graduates equipped with the skills and experience to tackle the global challenge of ensuring future security and sustainability of energy supplies and the management of energy demand.

Whether the communities of the future are mega-cities, urban, rural or remote, the infrastructure that supports them – including housing, manufacturing, transport and services – will rely on an energy generation and distribution network that is stable, secure, and resilient to climate change and terrorism. This network will need to be sustainable in both environmental and financial terms, integrate with more intelligent systems, and be developed alongside more effective policies. The DTA Energy programme contributes to the development and sustainability of this network by supporting the next generation of energy experts.


Knowledge Transfer Network

University Alliance has teamed up with the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), the UKs innovation network, to provide access to industrial placement opportunities in a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME). Whilst students gain valuable skills and experience, small businesses benefit from research expertise.



DTA Energy leadership team

Director, Professor Amin Al-Habaibeh, Nottingham Trent University

Deputy Director, Dr Abhishek Asthana, Sheffield Hallam University

Deputy Director, Dr Vladimir Vukovic, Teesside University


Partner universities


Find out more about our DTA Energy researchers on their student website


Energy Programme Member Hub

Energy Programme Member Hub

Welcome to your DTA community hub for Energy. On this page you can find the latest course documents, resources and events happening within the DTA Energy programme.    

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