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How to stand out

So, you’ve a great business idea – but how do you make it a reality? The secret of success lies in you mastering the ability to win support for your business, whether that’s from investors, clients or potential stakeholders

To help our entrepreneurs of the future, we’ve pulled together advice on how to stand out.

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Pitches on film

We filmed the pitches from last year’s competition – it’s well worth seeing how the event unfolded to pick up some ideas

Top tips

Whether you are selling your business ideas to potential investment angels or offering solutions to problems to decision-makers in the company you work for, pitching and delivering presentations under pressure is a vital skill to have in your toolbox. Justyna Turner, Enterprise Champion at the University of Salford, gives her top tips for pitching here

Growing entrepreneurs

The 21st century economy is a global marketplace, with emerging technologies driving new ways of working. For the recently graduated, thriving in this environment requires innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial mindset. How can higher education help them develop these?