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Global partners

At University Alliance we are passionate about building partnerships. We have partners around the globe. Working together with other like-minded organisations means we get smarter about the way we tackle different challenges and opportunities ​. It also means the solutions we come up with ​are more innovative and creative.

This section highlights some of our key partnerships and the work we are doing as part of them. For more information about our existing partnerships or to discuss becoming one of our partners, please contact Gabriel Huntley.

Australian Technology Network

In 2013, University Alliance signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) the Australian Technology Network of universities. Both organisations represent a similar set of institutions within their respective countries – leading… Read more »

British Council East Asia

University Alliance is working with the British Council in East Asia to help them explore the potential opportunities and challenges facing the region in the future. Drawing on our experience… Read more »

Higher Education Policy Institute

​It is the job of organisations like University Alliance and the Higher Education Policy Institute​ (HEPI)​ to put evidence in front of policymakers.​ We have worked with HEPI to produce… Read more »