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British Council East Asia

University Alliance is working with the British Council in East Asia to help them explore the potential opportunities and challenges facing the region in the future. Drawing on our experience from running a similar process in the UK (our university_vision [link] project) we are bringing together key policy-makers and influencers with leaders from universities and business to identify potential scenarios of what the future might look like for the region.

Scenario planning is a valuable tool for understanding the factors that may affect the future, by exploring possibilities and interactions within different social, economic and political environments. It is not a process to predict the future, rather it is about identifying different and extreme scenarios that can better inform current policy planning and debate. Our hope is that the project will identify how higher education systems and policy-makers in the region can make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead, serve society and the economy, and seek out new and innovative ways to anticipate, approach and tackle the challenges of the future. ‚Äč