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Intro from Professor Steve West

Professor Steve West by Martin Chainey

Professor Steve West by Martin Chainey

Universities are stepping up to the challenge of producing job-ready graduates in the 21st century. When it comes to both the quality and the job-readiness of our graduates, Alliance universities are competing with the best in the world.

Alliance universities offer programmes that are co-designed with employers and students, where students engage in real-world, practical projects alongside their academic study. Students also 
have the opportunity to undertake placements and internships with a wide range of employers, often co-funded by the university, to develop their employability skills and sector knowledge.

We want to dispel some myths about the value of a degree. In an unstable global economy, underpinned
by technological advances and increased complexity, a degree is still by far the best preparation to succeed and make a difference in the world.

Alliance universities provide a real-world learning environment where students and businesses come together through innovative platforms and supported through state-of-the-art facilities. From major blue-chips down to small, rapidly- innovating businesses, the stories we are presenting here demonstrate that employers value this approach. And we know that students value it too, with huge over-demand for our leading degree programmes that are attracting outstanding students and delivering some of the most exciting graduate employment opportunities.

Of course there is always more that can be done. But these stories demonstrate some of the excellent work that is already going on. University-business partnerships add huge value to students, businesses and the UK’s economy and society. This is not a traditional university experience but it is a world-class offer that is driving growth and creativity in the UK. We are celebrating success.