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Egerton Court, 2 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L3 5UX
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Professor Nigel Weatherill

Today, with a vibrant community of 25,000 students from over 100 countries world-wide, 2,500 staff and 250 degree courses, LJMU is one of the largest, most dynamic and forward-thinking universities in the UK.

LJMU can trace its roots back to Liverpool’s Mechanics’ Library, which was established in 1823, and was the forerunner to the Liverpool Mechanics’ Institute. Founded by people of power and influence who recognised the transformative effects of learning and aspiration on individuals, communities and society, the Mechanics’ Institute revolutionised education in Liverpool and provided opportunities for the working people of the city.

It was the first such institution to be founded in England and this small, pioneering movement was followed by the establishment of the Liverpool Institute and School of Art and the Liverpool Nautical College, and in 1900 Irene Mabel Marsh opened the IM Marsh campus.

These organisations, and others, together laid the foundations for LJMU, an institution that has grown and flourished and continues to provide opportunities for all.
LJMU this year became the first university to receive two commended judgements from the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) during its Higher Education Review. The QAA found LJMU exceeded the required standards in the two areas of student learning opportunities and enhancement of student learning opportunities – the highest recognition achieved by any university at that time.

Also in the past 12 months, LJMU was one of only 18 universities to secure part of the multi-million pound government fund for 200 new Degree Apprenticeships, and the ERDF awarded £5 million towards the development of Sensor City, one of the University Enterprise Zones. In addition, LJMU’s Centre for Entrepreneurship won national and international awards for its work, including UK BEIS Enterprising Britain Award – Building Enterprise Skills 2016, UK national winner: European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2016, and Overall European winner: Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills EEPA 2016. LJMU also continued its public lecture series, attracting a total audience of over 10,000. Speakers included Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, and John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons.

There was also more than £20m of capital expenditure throughout the year to improve the University’s infrastructure and the student experience.

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