University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) was founded in 1828 as the Institution for the Diffusion of Knowledge, gaining university status in 1992. Its main campus is located in the city of Preston, with other sites at Westlakes in West Cumbria (focused on nuclear and energy-related research programmes), Burnley and Cyprus, as well as strategic partnerships in China and Mauritius.

In 2010, UCLan became the first UK modern university to appear in the QS World University Rankings, while in 2015, the Centre for World University Rankings placed UCLan in the top 3.7% of all worldwide universities, highlighting the progress the institution has made in providing students with real-world learning experiences and reflecting the institution’s broad pool of academic talent.

UCLan is one of the UK’s largest universities, with a student and staff community approaching 40,000. The University has a reputation as a powerhouse of its regional economy and the leading UK university for incubated start-up businesses still active after three years of trading. In the last five years, UCLan has helped over 1,000 students or graduates start a business or became self-employed, the second highest figure in the UK.

In the future, UCLan will enhance its standing as an institution with a world-class academic reputation firmly rooted in modern-day relevance, focused on the provision of innovative thinking for the real world. This is perhaps best exemplified by its fast-growing School of Medicine, renowned for its innovative teaching methods.

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