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This report is split into different economic sectors and contains interviews with a selection of employers.* This is what they have to say about working with universities.


Read the employer interviews by clicking on the sectors below.

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Within each of the sectors above we hear from employers about their experience of university-business collaboration and the students and graduates they work with as a result of this collaboration. From major blue-chip companies down to small and rapidly-innovating businesses, their stories dispel some myths about the value of a university degree and the experience of businesses engaging with universities.  They demonstrate that employers value Alliance graduates because they study in a real-world learning environment that merges academic and vocational training and delivers the skills and abilities to make their business a success. This is not a traditional university experience but it is a world-class offer that is driving growth in the UK. Here we are celebrating that success.




* NB: some of these companies will span more than one sector. They are categorised here for ease.