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Accelerator Projects and Special Interest Groups

Whereas CPD is generally a bottom-up activity, led by the needs and interests of practitioners in universities, there are often strategic priorities that would benefit from the focus of special interest task and finish groups.

The TEA Accelerator Groups build on collective experience and intelligence, bringing together experts from TEA member institutions (primarily drawn from the PRC) to share knowledge and skills that will advance practice and deliver impact around specific themes.

Accelerator Projects will operate a share > create > share > re-create model.

The TEA Programme team will perform a brokerage role alongside the TEA Management Group to identify themes and commission DVCs and PVCs to lead and champion Accelerator Groups that will operate within a structured project framework.

The DVC / PVC leads will:The TEA Programme team will:
Identify appropriate leadership and membership (including students and employers as appropriate) for the AG (including bringing in UK / global experts and relevant individuals identified as theme / subject leads from the Peer Review College);Ask Mgt / Implementation Groups to rank their top three themes in terms of importance/ relevance to them;
Support buy-in and engagement of additional PRC members;Circulate updated list and seek expressions of interest to lead and convene;
Support the formation of action learning sets who will participate in three half-day meetings over a 6 – 9 month period;Identify PRC members to lead a theme;
Keep the T&L Management Group and Implementation Group up to date with progress;Support the Accelerator Group action learning sets / meetings.
Seek recognition and opportunities for dissemination for Accelerator Group outputs.