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The Teaching Excellence Alliance offers you, as a member of staff in a UA TEA subscribing institution, opportunities to share a range of exciting events offered by TEA members, in the spirit of mutual enhancement of your practice and to deliver institutional enhancements in teaching, learning and student outcomes.


Webinar Series

Wednesday 1 May at 12 noon   Professor Helen Walkington, NTF, PFHEA from Oxford Brookes University.

‘The research – teaching nexus / students doing research-based learning in the curriculum’

This webinar focused on research-based learning and explored strategies for engaging students with research in the curriculum. The dissemination phase is particularly important for students to develop a sense of ownership and creativity in the research process and examples of impactful student research were provided.

The webinar offered ten salient practices for mentoring student researchers to ensure high quality research.

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Walkington, H. (2019) ‘Research – Teaching nexus: bringing research into teaching within the curriculum’. Webinar for the Teaching Excellence Alliance on May 1st 2019 [online] available from: (Accessed 01/05/2019).


Feedback and comments from the webinar:

This webinar provided and excellent suite of principles to embed student research at the heart of curriculum design.  The ‘nine strategies’ provided an invaluable ‘blueprint’ for research integrated teaching and learning.

I like the five levels of student focused research engagement – often we get as far as L3 (planning live projects etc.) but are fearful of opening up to really independent student led research because of those who Helen described as ‘mavericks’.

It takes confidence to design a curriculum to ‘let student research take the foreground, and confidence to position yourself as an academic as someone who ‘doesn’t know everything’.

Helen’s key message was that you have to do something productive with the outputs from student research, otherwise it remains meaningless.  Think about how the student research will be disseminated.

The design of student-led research is vital, don’t fall into the trap of permitting innovation and then assessing through exams!

Need to design-in student research at the course planning stage, and include teaching about research methods and ethics at an early stage in the course.



Tuesday 6th June at 3pm

Challenges ‘fit’ and impact: online blended CPD provision for international partner staff. 

The webinar focuses on provision of CPD for staff in Trinidad and Cairo (Greenwich partners) and Oman and Ghana (Coventry partners), sharing our understanding of challenges and value of this international provision.   We will share information about our programmes and evidence from our research into staff and participant perceptions of the programmes and their impact.  The webinar will provide an opportunity to discuss perceptions and experiences of ‘difference’ and ‘relevance’ and issues of the transferability of our international programmes.

This webinar will be presented by Sally Alsford, University of Greenwich:

Martin Compton. University of Greenwich:

Hannelie Du Plessis-Walker. Coventry University:

Alice Lau. Coventry University:

When: Jun 6, 2019 3:00 PM London

On the day, use and meeting id: 327-755-294

Register in advance for this meeting:

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Monday 17th June, University of Brighton  

Teaching Excellence Alliance Sandpit (intensive course design)

‘UA Sandpit: Supporting and enabling BME Student Success through the Lifecycle’

Bookings for this event are via the OneHE platform:  join for free at