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What is the PRC?

The TEA Peer Review College

The background to and objectives of the Peer Review College

The Peer Review College brings together experienced practitioners immersed in the distinctive teaching practices that underpin the TEA endeavour, to build student success for all, through inclusive and transformational education.  From Autumn 2018, the PRC has been broadened in its scope to encompass a network of critical friends working at discipline and thematic areas.

  • The TEA Peer Review College draws on cutting-edge pedagogic expertise from across the Alliance to benefit the whole network;
  • Peer Review College activities focus on developing curriculum and teaching teams in ways that will benefit the student experience at an institutional level;
  • The PRC is a shared resource that any member of the Teaching Excellence Alliance can access to provide support and challenge in their teaching-related work. For example, members may find it helpful when seeking course enhancement, supporting teachers in their professional development or refreshing marketing for their courses.


  • TEA partners can submit requests for support from the Peer Review College via the TEA Programme Team