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About us

We are Britain’s universities for cities and regions. We believe in making the difference across everything we do.

We are committed to providing the high quality teaching that is critical to creating the world’s future leaders and problem solvers. We excel in preparing students for a career in industry and the professions.

In the fast evolving world we live in, the knowledge we create makes a real difference. We are passionate about the world-class research we develop and support.

We are leaders in our cities and regions. Our on-going commitment to the development of our local communities helps them thrive and grow.

We understand our role in a changing economy and we pride ourselves on our work with employers as well as our links, connections and partnerships with industry and the professions. We believe these are connections that count.

We are locally-rooted and globally-connected. We are active in the global marketplace, recognising that – now
more than ever – collaborating with partners across the world is essential.

Together we:

  • educate 24% of all students in the UK – including 25%  of all students on STEM courses, 30%  in design, 26% nursing, and 27% of teacher training
  • also educate 40% of all part-time students in the UK, providing inclusive educational opportunities which help people of all ages and backgrounds to upgrade their skills and transform their life chances
  • deliver 40% of all sandwich courses
  • produce entrepreneurial and job-ready graduates. 93% of our graduates are employed six months after graduation.
  • have more than 260 research units undertaking world class research
  • more than a fifth of all UK research teams undertaking world class research in Allied Health, General Engineering, and Art & Design
  • employ over 62,000 people, including 20,000 research staff (14% of all researchers in the UK)
  • have a combined turnover of £4bn with an estimated economic impact of £10bn
  • lead the enterprise and entrepreneurship agenda with over 18,000 business links (including 13,000 with SMEs) and
  • 43% of successful graduate start-ups (those surviving 3+ years) come from Alliance graduates.

Read our strategic framework for 2015-2020 here.

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