UA leaders programme

The UA leaders programme is a leadership development programme for senior leaders at our member universities.

How does it work?

The UA leaders programme, formerly the Future leaders programme, is a leadership development programme for senior staff at Alliance Universities.

The programme runs in yearly cycles, and each year our member Vice Chancellors nominate a member of their team to take part.

Over a series of in-person visits, participants engage in workshops, action-learning sets, presentations and campus tours.

Aims and benefits

The goal of the UA leaders programme is to support leaders across our membership to develop their leadership skills, work through challenges, and prepare for their future careers.

In addition to the training and guidance offered through the programme, the leaders learn from each other by visiting each others’ institutions and sharing experiences and best practice. The programme is designed to enable each cohort to get to know each other well, developing as a peer support network that will outlast their year on the programme.

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