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About us



Alliance universities have been proud leaders in technical and professional education since the industrial revolution and are still crucial to the success of cities and sectors today.  We educate the professional workforce of the future, provide flexible and responsive R&D to businesses of all sizes and solve the problems facing society locally, nationally and across the globe. We are large enough to take risks, experienced at working with key partners and have never lost the enterprising mindset which says we must constantly innovate to stay fit for a changing world.


We design our courses with employers to make sure they are relevant. Our leading research makes them cutting edge. We constantly innovate to keep our education fit for a changing world. We offer students from all parts of society the opportunity to achieve more than they ever expected. Our graduates are the professional workforce of the future, driving growth in our cities and regions.


We excel at research with impact in the real world. It supports new technologies, addresses the challenges of today’s society and drives prosperity locally, nationally and across the globe. As leading providers of professional doctorates, we combine our strength in applied research and teaching for the benefit of students and industry.

Innovation and enterprise

We support businesses to succeed in our cities and regions and work with LEPs to solve strategic challenges. We offer world-class research and development to businesses of all sizes. Our graduates are enterprising, driving innovation for their employers or founding successful companies of their own.

Read our strategic framework for 2015-2020 here or click on the image below.