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Our team

Olimpia Ades Operations & Membership Manager
Olimpia joined University Alliance in June 2015 and manages University Alliance’s operational matters.
Maddalaine Ansell Chief Executive
Maddalaine joined University Alliance in 2015 and provides leadership to the team as well as external representation and stakeholder management.
Rose Brodie Executive Assistant
Rose joined University Alliance in February 2017 as the Executive Assistant to our Chief Executive, Maddalaine Ansell.
Fraser Burt Researcher
Fraser joined University Alliance in October 2017, as a researcher focusing on policy and communications.
Rachel Clarke Communications Manager
Rachel joined University Alliance in 2014 and is responsible for promoting and raising the profile of University Alliance, and our universities’ work in high-quality professional and technical education and research excellence.
Ben Diette DTA Programmes & Communications Officer
Ben joined University Alliance in July 2016 as part of the Doctoral Training Alliance (DTA) team providing dedicated administration for the DTA Energy programme. 
Jennie Eldridge DTA Manager
Jennie joined University Alliance in October 2015 as part of the new Doctoral Training Alliance team.
Tom Frostick Policy & Programmes Manager (Research & Innovation)
Tom joined University Alliance in June 2015 and is policy lead for research, innovation and international.
Ornella Garofalo Research Programmes Development Manager
Ornella joined University Alliance in September 2017 as part of the Programmes Team.
Daisy Hooper Senior Policy & Programmes Manager (Teaching and Learning)
Daisy leads on teaching and learning policy and programmes. She joined University Alliance in 2012. Daisy is currently on maternity leave.
Gabriel Huntley Head of Communications & External Relations
Gabriel joined University Alliance in November 2015. He heads up the communications team and is part of the Alliance’s Senior Management Team.
Kal Kohli DTA Programmes Co-ordinator
Kal joined the team in 2015 as part of the new Doctoral Training Alliance team.
Elizabeth Parkin Programmes Manager
Elizabeth joined University Alliance in February 2017. Her work focuses on the Teaching Excellence Alliance.
Brian Pepin Policy & Programmes Manager (Learning, Teaching and Skills)
Brian joined University Alliance in February 2017 to focus on higher education learning, teaching and skills policy.
Faye Taylor Head of Programmes
Faye leads on domestic and international collaborative activities at University Alliance and plays a key role in our Senior Management Team. She joined University Alliance in 2014.
Graeme Wise Head of Policy
Graeme joined the team in October 2015. He leads the policy team as well as playing a key role on our Senior Management Team.
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