UA’s members have a long proud history of providing education to the country’s healthcare workforce. Collectively, they educate 30% of the country’s nurses, 33% of midwives and 12% of all other allied health professionals.  

Nursing simulation at the University of Derby

Our members deliver innovative healthcare teaching and research. Using simulation techniques, including working with actors, virtual reality or high-tech mannequins, their teaching empowers our students with the highest level of knowledge and skill to bring into clinical practice when they start working.

Through innovative new pathways like degree apprenticeships or professional doctorates, our members enable healthcare professionals to progress throughout their careers and develop their skills. Meanwhile, from research nurses to digital nurses, our members are providing new roles, as healthcare needs modernise and evolve.

As UA, we advocate for our members, emphasising the vital role they play in educating and providing the future NHS workforce.

We work with colleagues across the education and health sectors to secure the best possible policy environment to help our members deliver the highly-skilled healthcare workforce.

In 2023, we published two policy briefings which include our recommendations for embedding universities in NHS and social care workforce planning.