Creative industries

University Alliance is a powerful advocate for protecting, nurturing and adequately funding creative education at all levels. As part of the Creative Education Coalition, we campaign to ensure that the creative skills pipeline is protected and can continue to feed the UK’s world-leading creative economy.

University Alliance specialise in working closely with employers to deliver innovative teaching using the most up-to-date equipment to ensure we empower our students with career-ready skills.  

We find that graduates with creative skills are increasingly in demand across all industries, and believe government must put a much stronger emphasis on developing high-level creative skills to meet the needs of the economy. 

In 2023, the Creative Education Coalition published the Creative Education Manifesto, which covers our policy recommendations around restoring creative education and protecting the creative skills pipeline.


  1. Equip every child with a solid foundation of creative education skills
  2. Drive the recruitment and training of specialist creative arts teachers
  3. Put the creativity back into creative arts/cultural arts education
  4. Review creative arts/cultural education assessment and qualifications to ensure valuable qualifications are protected in the long-term and creative arts skills are formally recognised and valued
  5. Enable a primary, secondary and tertiary education system that values STEM, the Arts and Humanities in equal measure and enables and embraces interdisciplinary study and research
  6. Realise the value of sustaining a talent pipeline of creative arts/cultural arts students into higher education and beyond, including a commitment to Lifelong Learning within and through creative education
  7. Ensure equality of access to a thriving creative arts/cultural ecosystem for every citizen across the country
  8. Ensure recognition of – and investment in – the power play of creative arts/creative skills to turbo boost entrepreneurism and commercialism across the UK