Kingston University

Kingston University

Kingston University, Penrhyn Road, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2EE
020 8417 9000
Vice Chancellor
Professor Julius Weinberg

The mission of Kingston University is to:

- promote participation in higher education, which it regards as a democratic entitlement;
- strive for excellence in learning, teaching and research;
- realise the creative potential and fire the imagination of all its members; and
- equip its students to make effective contributions to society and the economy.

Although this statement was first made about 10 years ago, it continues to sum up the University’s key aspirations – widening participation, excellence in teaching and research, and enabling graduates to pursue successful careers as well as being active citizens.

Recent news from Kingston University

10 July: Kingston University's Stanley Picker Gallery given boost in Arts Council England funding shake-up
Arts Council England funding increase for Kingston University's Stanley Picker Gallery hailed as a major endorsement of past, present and future projects.

8 July: The taste of success for Kingston University student who turns stage impresario as play proves hit with theatregoers
A Kingston University music and drama student has put his course skills to the professional test by writing, directing and staging his own play, Coffee Cups, at Hampton Hill Playhouse.

8 July: Popstar Ellie Goulding rocks Glastonbury Festival in top designed by Kingston University fashion graduate Sadie Clayton
Chart-topping singer Ellie Goulding stepped out in a top created by Kingston University fashion graduate Sadie Clayton when she took to the stage at this year's Glastonbury Festival.

4 July: Product and furniture design student fuses chopsticks with knives and forks to create East meets West cutlery range
Kingston University student Wenjing Lai has melded knives and forks with chopsticks to create a unique East meets West cutlery collection.

1 July: Aspiring Kingston University film-maker zooms in on declining New York subway dance sub-culture
Kingston University student Scott Carthy has used his camera to tell the story of the endangered art form of subway dancing in New York City.

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