Growing the future: universities leading, changing and creating the regional economy

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Growing the Future

Our universities are providing more than just a degree; and that they are more than just part of the education system.

Universities are critical to the future growth of our economy.

‘Growing the future’, a new publication from University Alliance, illustrates the vital role universities are playing in the economy through the voices of the very people who have experienced first­hand the power of genuine engagement and partnership with universities.

Contributors range from business leaders, politicians, economists and the like from the UK and abroad, including, amongst others, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Richard Lambert, Will Hutton, Angela Saini and a foreword from Vince Cable.

We believe Universities are driving economic growth through five key areas:

  1. Regional leadership and ‘anchor’ capacity
  2. Change agents: starting, growing and supporting enterprise
  3. Creating and diffusing research-led innovation
  4. Delivering a knowledge workforce
  5. Attracting inward investment

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