A Student Placement

Design event

Without my placement year I would not have experienced the opportunities I have had and I certainly wouldn’t be half as confident as I am in my skill set and future aspirations. For the last nine months I have been … Continue reading

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Design research driving commercial innovation and growth

Image courtesy of Bruno Cordioli

I’m sure that many design-led organisations would support Stefano Marzano’s position on design as one of our key enabling strategic and driving functions. This is what he said in the early 2000s of design in the Philips Corporation. “Our vision … Continue reading

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How do we ensure quality in an expanding system?

Oxford Brookes University. Image courtesy of Abercrombie 8

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change”- one of the most-quoted sayings attributed to Darwin. (And the fact that Darwin neither wrote nor said those exact words hasn’t dampened the business management … Continue reading

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Improving commercial success through IP

Image courtesy of Sparky, flickr

As Director of Innovation at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), I am regularly tantalised by new technology, dazzled by the UK’s delicious designs and captivated by our creativity. The UK’s creative industries make an enormous contribution to our experience of … Continue reading

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Design&: Creating the Future

Image: Model of planned concept design of a six bed care home for 
people with dementia

Design is about more than developing fluffy widgets. It is about problem solving and collaboration in order to develop new products and services. Design has the ability to drive forward economies. The push for design thinking in the rebuilding of … Continue reading

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Why are universities important to the green agenda?

Student Village, The Green, University of Bradford

Universities have made impressive strides in contributing to the green agenda since the issue became a national priority following the 2008 Climate Change Act. In many cases they are going above and beyond what is required of them, demonstrating commitment … Continue reading

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Let’s give the creative industries the respect they deserve

Smart Cookie Design example

The Government recently published a review of the creative industries’ economic contribution to the wider UK economy. The report revealed that the creative industries have been hugely outperforming other parts of the economy. This often overlooked part of our economy … Continue reading

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A message of hope from the Government to end 2013

Christmas tree

2013 was set to be defined as a year of tightening belts, efficiencies and tougher market pressures as austerity started to pinch; and then came the Autumn Statement. An historic announcement that this Government was going to remove any limits … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the winner of our 2013 Christmas card design competition


We run a design competition for the cover of our Christmas cards every year. This year’s theme for the competition was ‘Global’, in line with our international work. The competition was open to staff and students of Alliance universities and participants … Continue reading

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Christmas Card Competition 2013


We are once again running a design competition for the cover of our Christmas card to be sent to our key stakeholders. If you would like to take part in the competition or advertise it to those who might, please … Continue reading

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