University Alliance urges the Coalition Government to provide a vision for the UK economy

Libby Aston, Director of University Alliance, said in response to the Hefce grant announcement –

“Ahead of next week’s budget, we urge the Coalition Government to provide the much needed economic vision and growth strategy that guarantees investment in future talent, research and innovation.

“We can now see the impact cuts will have on the ground and the serious effect they will have on our universities. We will endeavour to prioritise delivering a world-class experience for students but the Government needs to address the much wider economic consequences before it is too late.

“Universities are no longer just a part of the education system; they play a central role in driving economic growth. Public investment in UK higher education is lower than the OECD average – we are lagging behind countries like Poland and Slovenia as well as the US, Canada, Sweden and Germany. Global companies will not invest in the UK without serious public commitments from this Government about their strategic investment in higher education and research.”

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