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So much more than just a degree

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Published on October 24, 2011

Students at Plymouth University

Students at Plymouth University

There has been much reported on the impact that increased fees will have on university applications for 2012-13. University Alliance believes that no one should be put off from going to university because of financial concerns or the myth that demand for graduates will dry up. We strongly believe that the value of a degree is worth the investment for individuals and society, raising hopes and prospects for the future, and the economy, as graduates continue to drive growth.

The truth is, students will not to pay up front fees in order to attend university. For first time undergraduates, once your application has been processed, tuition fees are automatically paid and you will only have to pay this back after graduation and if you earn annually above £21,000 in pre-tax salary.

However students themselves quite rightly ask what they are getting in return for the investment in universities and universities haven’t always been good at explaining or demonstrating this. This is partly because the very aspects that are so valuable and unique about universities, that make the investment so worthwhile, can often seem intangible. Here at University Alliance, we wanted to find a better way of describing it; so we asked the students.

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