Response to HEFCE announcement on student number controls for 2012-13

In response to the announcement by HEFCE on student number controls Libby Hackett, Director of University Alliance, said:

“Despite continued demand for university places we are seeing significant drops in student places across the sector with some institutions subject to cuts of 12 per cent in just one year. The places which are being taken out of the system in 2012-13, or transferring to further education, means that there will be 20,000 fewer young people able to go to university compared to last year. These cuts to university places will result in thousands of young people joining the growing number who are unemployed. This is not good for them and it is certainly not good for the UK economy.”

“Our new report, ‘The way we’ll work: labour market trends and preparing for the hourglass’ argues that the shortage of graduates is threatening the future growth of the UK. It is time for thought leaders across the political, business, academic and charity worlds to work together, to think long term about how we ensure there are enough places to meet greater demand from young people and have the high-skilled capabilities we need to grow the economy.”

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