UK universities growing global graduates

Graduate careers are under the spotlight like never before. Students recognise the value of higher education in improving their employability. Students want to ensure their degree and time at university will help set them up for a rewarding and fulfilling career in a rapidly changing world.

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Our new report, Growing Global Graduates, which is launched this week at the British Council conference Going Global, explores employability from an international student perspective. It looks at why Alliance universities are so effective at equipping students for long-term employability and why students are choosing to study at them.

New research shows:

  • 87% of international students at Alliance universities study so that they can get a good job (83% other UK universities/83% globally)
  • 81% of believe that their learning will help them get a good job (80% other UK universities/76% globally)
  • 72% felt there were opportunities for work experience/work placements as part of their studies (69% other UK universities/66% globally)

This work supports the cause, that we and the wider sector share, around ensuring that the UK truly is an ‘open economy’. International students place huge importance on getting a good job and being able to work in the UK after they graduate. Post-study work in the UK needs to be more than a possibility for the lucky few. It should be an attractive and feasible option for more of our highly motivated graduates. The benefits to getting this right reach far beyond the students and universities involved, affecting the UK’s international competitiveness, economy and society.

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