Guardian – UK higher education: why the current numbers don’t add up

BarrierOther nations are expanding their higher education systems, says Libby Hackett of University Alliance. Why not the UK?

‘We talk a lot about the importance of UK students and graduates making well-informed decisions about their futures – but does education policy governing the future of our universities follow that same advice?

UK higher education cannot predict or plan for the future with any certainty. However, we do know that much is changing in the world around us: how we work, create, share and receive knowledge; how we deliver value; and how we connect to communities around the world. Our education system needs to adapt to this rapid pace of change, as individuals and the economy place new and changing demands on how and what higher education delivers.

This means seriously considering the evidence on the need for, and value of, graduates to ensure that decisions we make are well informed, not made in a short-term vacuum. It also raises inevitable questions about the affordability of our current funding system, which needs to be looked at. The consequences of not doing so could be detrimental to all our futures.’

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