THE – We Could Learn From Australian Funding System

Higher education policymakers in the UK should pay much closer attention to Australia’s funding system, which is “often ahead” of England’s, Libby Hackett and Nick Hillman argue today. This is to launch a joint University Alliance and HEPI report, ‘HELP from Down Under? – ‘It’s not only on the cricket pitch that we can learn from Australia’

University Alliance chief executive Libby Hackett, who has written a longer analysis to accompany Mr Hillman’s, said Fee-Help should be seen as a “proof of concept” that a cost neutral loan scheme was possible. As well as postgraduates, she suggested it could also be offered to students at private providers and those studying second degrees at the same level as their first (known as ELQ students). She said that forthcoming University Alliance proposals for England’s funding system would set out a range of options to achieve cost neutrality.

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