University Alliance joins campaign for increased female participation in STEM

Your lifeUniversity Alliance is working in partnership with educators, industry and government to increase participation in STEM subjects, especially among women.

Our pledge announced on 7 May aims to support a change in how women and girls are encouraged to consider technology and engineering careers and the subject choices or vocational pathways that lead to them.

We have pledged to:

  1. Champion the Compact with our members and cascade information out through our membership channels.
  2. Link communications on women into technology and engineering careers to a national campaign through use of a logo and signposting to a campaign website.
  3. Use consistent campaign messages in our communications activities on women in technology and engineering careers.
  4. Work in partnership with other Compact signatories to align messages for maximum effect, for example by timing relevant activity to support Tomorrow’s Engineers Week in November 2014 and National Science and Engineering Week in March 2015.
  5. Run an event / events to stimulate debate about women in STEM, in particular in technology and engineering, careers and use existing events and publications to champion the Compact.

We will be contributing to the national aspirations to double the number of women studying engineering and technology degrees at undergraduate level by 2030; boost the number of women pursuing careers in engineering and technology; and increase the number of young people studying maths and physics at 18.

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