THE – Social mobility debate ‘too focused on elite universities’

Times Higher EducationUniversity Alliance’s report, ‘Closing the Gap: unlocking opportunity through higher education’, features in a Times Higher Education article.

The UK’s social mobility debate is too narrowly focused on a “small number of elite universities” and needs to be “dragged out of the 1970s”. That is the argument set out by the University Alliance, a mission group of 22 universities, in a report published today under the title “Closing the gap: unlocking opportunity through higher education”.

The report criticises the rhetoric of the Sutton Trust, which has published reports about the “Missing 3,000” young people with high A-level grades who do not go on to “leading universities”. And the Alliance also describes the Russell Group’s hostility to the recently announced expansion in student numbers as a “backlash against widening participation”.

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