Guardian: Top universities urge scrapping of free-for-all student recruitment plan

Professor Steve West, Chair of University Alliance, has been featured in The Guardian’s story into a new study from HEPI on the implications of removing student number controls in Australia – and what it could mean for England.

Our comments re-stated the urgent need to create a more flexible, robust and affordable student loan system to allow people, whatever their age or background, to acquire high-level skills for the changing global economy.

Professor Steve West, chair of the University Alliance group of newer universities such as University of Portsmouth and Coventry University, said Australia’s example was “incredibly important” for England.

“We need to set out a longer-term plan for solving the problem and creating a sustainable higher education system,” said Prof West, vice-chancellor of the University of the West of England, in Bristol.

“The UK needs to ensure it is able to grow the graduate population, as our global competitors continue to do, and to encourage talent from right across society.”

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