Times Higher Education: Priced out of postgraduate education

A feature by Times Higher Education looking at how post-graduate funding can be fixed, references our HELP proposals launched earlier this year. HELP is a new higher education loan programme which would help every student cover the cost of studying.

“Then, in June this year, the University Alliance proposed an Australian-style scheme called HELP UK that would give all students a lifetime income-contingent loan allocation. The mission group proposed that this should first be rolled out for postgraduates, with £9,000 a year offered. In his recently published pamphlet for the Social Market Foundation, called Robbins Rebooted, Liam Byrne, Labour’s shadow minister for universities, science and skills, praises the “compelling” Leunig/IPPR proposal, as well as the University Alliance’s “important alternative”. Funding permitting, both ideas should be given “serious consideration” by an incoming minister in 2015, he says.”

The extensive piece also went on to say that:

The University Alliance scheme suggests repayments would come out of a graduate’s total salary once it passed £21,000. This means postgraduate loans would be repaid within seven years, minimising the chances of loans being written off.

Read more about our HELP proposals here.

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