University Alliance responds to UCAS analysis on impact of higher tuition fees

Liz Shutt, Head of Policy for University Alliance, welcomed the latest UCAS analysis on the impact of higher tuition fees that were introduced in 2012. She added:

“This timely analysis clearly demonstrates that students are not being dissuaded by the increase in fees since 2012 and are actually entering higher education in record numbers.  Crucially, UCAS evidence shows entry rates for disadvantaged students have also increased, reaching new highs and reducing the differences between backgrounds to record lows.

“However the bigger issue here is total student numbers – poorer students will always be disadvantaged in a system that restricts places.

“That’s why lifting the cap for 2015-2016 is vital for students, universities and the UK – a degree is still by far the best route for more individuals, especially during this difficult climate for all young people entering the job market.  It is important that we keep our eye on the bigger picture – the far reaching contribution that graduates bring to the economy and society.”

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