University Alliance review into developing the best environment for research excellence

Innovative students

Update: we’ve extended the deadline for this review until Wednesday 21 January – we’d love to hear from you about your thoughts.

University Alliance has convened a high-level roundtable of experts from across the higher education sector, industry and central government including No10, Treasury and BIS to explore the ‘New Context for Research Excellence’.  They will consider issues raised in a discussion paper written with input from experts from HEFCE, RCUK and King’s College London to interrogate what is working well and drive recommendations for future policy.   More details on this roundtable can be found here.

We would like your responses on this discussion paper which considers the role of the research ecosystem as a framework model and its three essential characteristics: Selectivity; Collaboration; and Responsiveness.

We would welcome your thoughts on these points and how it could help to create the right environment for universities to thrive.

Please send your responses to Dr Faye Taylor, Policy & Projects Manager, University Alliance by Wednesday 21 January 2015.

Research and innovation ecosystem

Three main characteristics essential to this ecosystem:




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